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Welcome to the Slow Stick Information Repository (SSIR).  This will hopefully become a compendium of pretty much all useful Slow Stick info on the net.  Most of the info on this site came from the good people at RCGroups.  Without them, none of this would have been possible!

You can navigate this site with the bar at the left.  It will take you to the various main sections of the site.

Finally, this site will constantly be a work in progress, bear with us as we get everything going.

Now for the boring stuff.  This site is intended as a guide only! If you do something to your Slow Stick that you read here and it crashes, or gets stuck in a tree, or hits a building, a person, sleeps with your girlfriend or takes over the planet, I and the contributors to the SSIR will not be held responsible.  Basically, if something you see here ruins your plane or your day, its not our fault, do everything at your own risk.

Finally, HAVE FUN, that's what the Slow Stick was designed for!!